Hayman Agroforest

We purchased a mountain in the Northern section of Tanegashima island in Japan. This is our team, me, my wife, and our three sons. We are already working together on our agroforesty project along with enjoying frequent camping trips at our mountain. The following is basic information about our project with much more to come.

To see changes in the standard farming practices used in Japan and around the world, specifically, growing food without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. To show that a forest can be utilized as a productive resource while still maintaining the natural habitat.
  • Create a sustainable land management system
  • Engage in farming methods which use only organic materials and result in minimal changes to the existing natural flora
  • Show that mountainous, forested land can be utilized to produce high yields and be profitable
  • Increase the biodiversity of our forest
  • Improve soil structure and health
  • Reduce erosion
  • Increase carbon sequestration through the selective planting of trees and shrubs to compensate for the removal of native vegetation
  • Incorporate organic methods for pest control
  • Create an agroforest that is both productive and aesthetically pleasing
  • To educate others about our successes
  • To be part of what we hope will be a growing trend towards food production which, not only provides for the present, but is 100% sustainable and beneficial to future generations